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Have you been successful in business, worked as a senior executive, or want to invest in Australia?

Then you may be eligible for an Australian business, investor, or new entrepreneur visa.

What are Your Options?

Australia welcomes many business people, investors, and entrepreneurs into the country via several different visas. These include Business Talent Visas (Subclass 132), Business Innovation and Investment Visas (Subclasses 188 and 888), and a new visa stream for entrepreneurs that will be available from November 2016.

Are You Eligible?

Australia’s business, investor, and entrepreneur visas have the most complex set of requirements of any Australian visa. You may need to meet several conditions regarding age, assets, capital, and business experience, which are outlined in more detail below. As such, selecting and applying for your chosen business visa requires a high level of analysis and preparation. You’re also required to provide extensive financial records and other sensitive information for your application.

How Can McFarlane Migration Help You?

At McFarlane Migration, your registered migration agent will assess your situation and recommend a suitable business visa for you. Because business, investor, and entrepreneur visas are so complex and require the handling of sensitive information, your case will be personally handled by our director, Johanna McFarlane. In addition to providing you with expert advice, Johanna will prepare and submit your visa application on your behalf, and personally liaise with you throughout the visa process.

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Business, Investor, & Entrepreneur Visa Options

Business Talent Visa – Subclass 132

You may be eligible for this permanent visa via one of two streams.

Under the Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream, you must sign an agreement with an Australian company that meets certain criteria and will provide you with at least $1 million AUD in venture capital funding for an early phase start-up business, the commercialisation of a product, the development of a business, or the expansion of a business – each in Australia.

Under the Significant Business History stream, you must have had a significant business career and, for at least two of the previous four financial years, have owned a business with net assets of at least $400,000 AUD or had a minimum 10% shareholding in a publicly listed company. You must also meet business turnover and personal and business asset requirements, and be aged under 55 years (though some exceptions may apply).

Business Innovation & Investment Visa – Subclass 188 & 888

You may be eligible for a Subclass 188 or 888 visa via one of five different streams. Applying for these visas is a two stage process. First, you must apply for your provisional Subclass 188 visa. You may then be eligible to extend your visa, or apply for the permanent Subclass 888 visa.

The Business Innovation stream requires you to pass the Business Innovation and Investment Points Test. You must also meet age, business ownership, and asset criteria.

Under the Investor stream, you must pass the Business Innovation and Investment Points Test, and meet age, business involvement, investment, and asset criteria. In addition to this, you must make an investment of $1.5 million AUD into Australia State Government Bonds.

The Significant Investor stream requires you to make an investment of $5 million AUD into an Australian Government Bond, Australia Proprietary company, or Managed Fund. You must hold this investment for at least four years.

Under the Premium Investor stream, you must invest $15 million AUD into a Venture Capital Fund, Emerging Company, or Managed Fund, and hold the investment for four years. Alternatively you can make a philanthropic contribution of the same sum.

Under the Entrepreneur stream, you must be nominated by a State or Territory Government who has approved your complying  entrepreneur activity and have competent English. This visa will allow entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to commercialise a product or service or develop an enterprise or business in Australia.

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The requirements for Australia’s business, investor, and entrepreneur visas are complex. At McFarlane Migration, we explain these requirements to you in a straightforward manner, and assess your eligibility for each different visa stream. To learn more, contact us today. Email or call (+61) 0410 546 168.

Information about these visas is accurate as of 18 July 2017. For the latest information about any recent updates or changes, please contact McFarlane Migration today.